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We are a Fitness and Lifestyle company that focuses on people as one. More Life Studio is an all inclusive facility working to help people better themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

We will help to sculpt the body, but also feed the mind, and soul. Our classes are designed to maximize one’s potential and help them chase their desired weight, and overall outlook of themselves.

Our vision is to bridge the social gap while creating a healthier and more sustainable society. Every person differs in their approach to happiness, and More Life Studio is here to assist them on their journey to self love, and appreciation.


We all want a little more, More Love, More Respect, and More Life.  



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Client Testimonials

Absolutely in love with the space AND the training. The coach (Dwayne) is motivating as well as attentive. The workouts are tough but fun. I started with personal training sessions and then joined the groups sessions. Both highly recommended!


Louisa A.

Working out with Dwayne is a true pleasure!! He knows how to push people to their limits, while keeping it fun. I feel like I’ve already made big progress in a short amount of time and I’ll definitely recommend him to all my friends.

Diarra D.

Ich hab schon mehrfach mit Dwayne trainiert – Die Workouts sind immer sehr effektiv und es macht einfach total Spaß. Das Studio ist auch super – hat alles, was man braucht – mit ihm kommt man auf jeden Fall in Form und das ohne sich zu quälen!

David B.

Wir alle wollen ein bisschen mehr, mehr Liebe, mehr Respekt und mehr Leben. Jetzt registrieren!