Social Equity

Our business is economically viable and simultaneously aware of its wider social responsibilities. Because we realize that our social stakeholders are inter-connected and that one action can quickly spread from one group to another, we strive to bring balance to those in need while sustaining those who are already secured financially, emotionally, and physically. 


Sponsorship Programs

“ Sponsorship is the true spirit of giving, expecting nothing back in return except “change”.  – More Life Studio

Group Physical Fitness

 Here we will help individuals understand the importance of staying fit. It’s not about perfection, but about consistency. We want to promote an active lifestyle of working out, running, or walking at least 3 times a week. Training is also a form of therapy that allows people to escape their worries, and strengthen their minds to better deal with life as it comes.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is the strongest path to better wellbeing and outlook on life. In these sessions, we will have a licensed professional explain the advantages of a healthier diet, and how to eat better on a budget. We will look to also provide fruits and vegetables to those in need of a better dieting lifestyle.

Group Emotional and Trauma Therapy

More Life Studio Berlin Germany

In these sessions we will have a licensed professional talk with those in need of better understanding and possible forgiveness for themselves. Many communities don’t have the resources to find a professional to listen to their feelings and what they are dealing with. We will provide an outlet for them to speak and be heard. 

Refugee Assistance

This is our way of helping those who are displaced from their homeland, to adopt in this new land that they call home. Ukrainians are the new group of people forcibly displaced from everything they loved and knew. More Life Studio will work with those who are familiar with the healing process to help people in need better adapt and deal with their new reality. Whether you are African, Ukrainian, or North Korean, you are human. And we all need other humans to help us get by.

Mental Well-being

More Life Studio

In this class we will have a licensed professional therapist help groups of individuals understand different ways they can deal with how they are feeling. We want people to understand that it is ok to not be ok. Most of us are too ashamed or afraid to ask for help or say we need it. More Life Studio wants to offer this opportunity to those in need. 

Corporate Responsibility

At More Life Studio, We believe that corporations that act more responsible, can change the world for the better. We’ve adopted  principles for social and environmental change, as well as a based approach to responsible business. Our ambition is to integrate the Good Health and Well-being principles as defined by the United Nations, while building on the Environmental Social and Governance process to “ Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

United NAtion Global Impact Initiatives

By practicing the SDG initiatives that will lead to a fairer society, we believe we can make a tangible change in our communities. Join us on the journey to a More sustainable, More ethical, and More economically sound world. 

Global Facts

See why we feel this change is necessary and achievable with your help 

Source: Futerra.

  • 60 million lives lost around the globe each year 30 million are attributed to conditions that are reversible if caught early. Source: Fast Company, 2021


  •  Researchers are using AI to predict and map the 20,000 protein structures contained in the human proteome, meaning that we can transform our understanding of how life works and how we treat disease. The fact that it was taking six months per structure and now it takes a couple of minutes means a medical revolution could be in sight. Source: BBC, 2021


  •  The Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) group now consists of five key governments: Scotland, Finland, Iceland, Wales and New Zealand. All working towards a Wellbeing Economy, delivering human and ecological well being. Source: Wellbeing Economy Alliance, 2020


  •  Good health is good for the economy. Poor health costs around 15% of global real GDP from premature deaths and lost productive potential. Source: Harvard Business Review, 2020 


  • Experts are predicting 200-year life spans with the convergence of four tech breakthroughs – Genetic Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Connected Wearables, and Health Data intelligence, all forming a powerful antidote to aging. Source: Fast Company, 2021


  •  The WHO has endorsed the widespread rollout of the first malaria vaccine, in a move experts hope could save tens of thousands of children’s lives each year across Africa. Source: The Guardian, 2021 


  •  We can now make vaccines for global pandemics in just 12 months. One year on, healthcare workers have delivered more than 7 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine globally. Source: Medical News Today, 2021 


  • The MRNA technology behind some COVID-19 vaccines could revolutionize efforts to immunize against HIV, malaria, influenza and more. The technology may also prove to be a powerful weapon against hard-to-treat cancers. Sources: Nature, 2021 and  National Geographic, 2021 


  • We have witnessed achievements toward greater healthcare coverage i.e., Rwanda has expanded its public and community-based health insurance program, now including almost 90% of the population,  and the United States has extended health care coverage to an additional 30 million Americans through their Affordable Care Act. Source: Strategy&, 2021 


  • At the global level, between 1950 and 2017, life expectancy increased on average from 48 years to 70 years for men and from 53 years to 75 years for women. Source: Health Data, 2018 

what They’re Saying

Corporate Testimonial


My name is Louisa Adjei, I am the Office and Culture Manager of global fashion and lifestyle media brand HIGHSNOBIETY. 

It is my pleasure to recommend Dwayne Byfield as a personal trainer as well as his studio and staff at – More Life Studio. 


I started with personal one on one training with More Life Studio about 2 years ago. Not only did I lose weight and was able to get into the shape that I wanted my body to be in,  it was the perfect kick start to motivate me working out by myself, beyond the training sessions and keeping up with my physical fitness. 

More Life Studio is so dedicated to their clients and pushes them to be their greatest selves.

I was so happy with what he did for me that I kept recommending him to colleagues and friends until I hired More Life Studio to train a couple classes a week at my workplace. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Each week more people signed up for the classes. 

I am not only speaking for myself by saying working out with More Life Studio is beyond rewarding. One feels better and healthier after each session. The results are undeniable and one is motivated to get more workouts done between the sessions each week.

 Even when working out in a group setting, Dwayne has the ability to concentrate on each individual who takes part without letting anyone slack. He is considerate of limitations and injuries and always finds a perfect way around them so one can have the full experience. 

I find that those group workouts also create amazing bonding moments within the company. The team feels more like a team and it is amazing to watch how colleagues are motivating and pushing each other to be their best selves. 

 Working with Dwayne is easy and uncomplicated. His flexible hours, good rates and amazing energy makes it fun to work with him. Each workout session he gives is unique and he tailors the classes exactly to what the clients goals and needs are. 

 I am more than comfortable recommending More Life Studio to anyone who would like to improve their personal fitness whether it is  in a one on one setting or group workouts. It is both fun and tough working out with them, but it is worth every minute. The feeling after each class is incomparable.  







At More Life Studio we are focused on helping companies bring a sustainable lifestyle to the communities they do business in. Our initiatives are aimed at the preservation of human, social, and environmental resources.

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