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Our Mission.

More Life Studio Berlin Germany

The founder and owner of More Life Studio is a New Yorker now residing in Berlin. Dwayne has been in fitness and training for over 15 years, he has trained all ages and genders in the art of staying fit and focused.

More Life Studio will bring a New York flavor to Berlin, forming a synergy for everyone to enjoy. We are a fitness and lifestyle company that focuses on people as one. Sculpting your mind, body, and soul for More Love, More Respect, More Life.

We will bring a lifestyle of health & wellbeing, social equality, gender equality, and assist in making the world a better place for human kind.

More Life Studio Berlin Germany

One on One Personal Training

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, or simply stay fit. Our One on One sessions are perfect for those looking to have a more private and focused workout out. These sessions are designed to acquire the necessary results each individual desires.

Group Training

These classes are designed to have trainees push themselves and each other. Group workouts always bring out the best in our competitive nature. Whether private or public, group workouts are intense and motivating for everyone.

More Life Studio

MEntal Well-Being

These classes are designed to help individuals and groups slow down and embrace their self worth and wellness. From Yoga, meditation, and alternative practices, our Well Being classes bring a different mind frame and lifestyle to the community.


The Studio


Our Studio is designed with less, to do more. We’ve created a minimalist vibe which brings out the most in all our participants. 

Located in the diverse neighborhood of NollendorfPlatz, we are here to serve the Berlin community and open to everyone. 

Our restrooms are gender fluent and we also have a shower on the premises for those on the run after their workout. Feel free to stop by and inquire about your next fitness training session or mental wellbeing appointment.


More Life 

Private and Public Personal Training 

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